Agricultural Products
We deal with Pulses, Spices, and Herbal Products.

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Wooden Body massagers
Our wooden body massagers are highly innovative and creative which are crafted, keeping in mind the diverse requirements of our body. Our body massagers, when used, release body pains without medications.

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Leather bags

Our quality collections of leather bags are in tune with latest fashion and customer’s elegant taste. Our export of leather bags include handbags, leather purses, wallets, laptop bags, etc. We always go in for genuine leather only. Our products have a distinct texture, finish and style.

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Hand Made Terracotta and Ceramic Aromatherapy diffuser kits

In today’s busy world, dealing with the everyday demands and pressures can be very stressful. A number of people are now willing to spend a great deal of money just to alleviate the amount of stress they experience .In fact, there is a growing trend for people to focus on non-traditional healing approaches and techniques, like aromatherapy, inorder to lessen stress. Diffusers are highly regarded by armotherapists who consider the process one of the safest and most effective ways to disperse aroma into the air thereby relieving stress and creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere at home or office. The set comes with a hand made terracotta or ceramic diffuser with tea light candle and essential oil. It is made out of high quality Indian clay. Our product is eco-friendly and has got an aesthetic value.







Christian products.

We have products of high quality and elegant style with Christian themes. We have stylish Bible cover and T-shirts and can also customize them with Bible verses and logos. We have gifts for every occasion. Wall hangings made out of silk/velvet will be a cherished décor item in the recipient’s home.


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