Home furnishings
Browning export’s home furnishings are an exclusive range of collection in unbelievable designs. Our products range is wide and comprehensive. We provide from curtains to table linen. We provide products to our clients to decorate their homes as per their styles. Our products always bring a touch of sophistication to any room décor.

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Handloom towels
Our handloom towels are manufactured on superior cotton fabric. Indian cotton is uniquely meant for its softness. We can supply bath towels, beachtowels, teatowels of various sizes and shapes cater to the needs of the users.

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Lady’s silk handbags
We provide lady’s silk handbags, which is the work of a small team of ambitious and talented craftswomen, striving for quality and customer’s satisfaction. The bags can also be designed to customer’s preferences.

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We deal with Edible Salt and Industrial Salt

Iodized Free Flow Salt Industrial Salt Crystal Salt

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